8 Tips to Elevate Your Everyday Style

8 Tips to Elevate Your Everyday Style

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October 21, 2022

Trends come and go like seasons. But what you want is to make a good impression on people in your everyday life without having to stick to fads. If fashion trends are not for you, and you just want to look effortlessly good in your clothes every day, follow these eight style tips to help you achieve this goal.

Start Dressing Like a Man

Aiming to look too youthful is not going to help you look smart. On the contrary, you should ditch the teenager look and opt for a more mature style. Maturity is an attractive quality commanding respect. Past a certain age, overly flashy garments or designs can look inappropriate.

Leave The Cartoons for Saturday Mornings

Funny, cartoony Tees look inappropriate for men as they reflect a very boyish image. Apart from being inappropriate past a certain age, they don’t help you stand out from the crowd. So many men mistakenly believe that they make them look edgy or original and continue sporting T-shirts with the latest sayings or graphics. If you don’t want to portray a man-child image, opt for solid, striped or simple-patterned T-shirts. You may also choose long or short sleeve polo shirts with jeans to look smart casual.

Man in fitted long-sleeve Robert Barakett polo

Find the Perfectly Fitted Jeans

Jeans are a valuable and versatile component of your wardrobe unless you choose to wear ultra-baggy pairs that you need to keep pulling up every second. The right pair of jeans should not pool around your ankles and should not contain excessive embellishments such as exaggerated rips or bleaching. Also, avoid big logos, especially on the back pockets.

Invest in Chinos

Chinos can instantly make you look smart. Invest in one or two pairs in the traditional camel and grey tones, or in another color such as burgundy or army-green if you want to stand out. A pop of color, when done right, can really elevate an outfit.

Add Personal Touches with Accessories

Accessories can spruce up any outfit. Think of the three essentials: a timeless watch, a classic pair of sunglasses, and multiple belts in tones of black, brown, and navy. There’s no need for fancier accessories; these are sure to do the trick.

Make a Statement With Your Footwear

You may be wearing a stylish outfit, but the wrong footwear can ruin the whole look. Leave your beat-up sneakers at home and opt for a crisp white sneaker, or a pair of classic black or brown leather shoes instead. The right footwear can instantly elevate your look and help complete your smart casual style. If you are going to step out in a pair of sneakers, make sure they don’t look worn out.

Try Incorporating Layers Into Your Outfits

Layering is a century-old technique used to help you look smart. It’s true that pairing the wrong garments can break up the look but you don’t need to make it complicated. For instance, wearing a plain sweater and a pair of jeans works for a casual look but doesn’t create an eye-catching moment. However, adding a simple white dress shirt layer underneath immediately adds an elevated smart punch. For more tips on layering check out our article: How to Perfectly Layer Your Fall Outfits

Invest In a Blazer

A well-fitting blazer can give you an appealing smart casual look as they perfectly accentuate the male frame. Even if you’re wearing a simple solid Barakett Tee with jeans, adding a blazer instantly creates a sharper style.

Man in Robert Barakett Blazer

Check out our Westbridge Sportcoat or head over to our friends at Jack Victor for versatile blazers that elevate any look, and try to use this style tips to help improve your fashion!

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