A Letter from the designer

"Designing a collection is a process that takes several months. A key part of that process is having a clear design philosophy that will serve as a guide for the team from one season to the next.

At RB, every design starts with a simple premise: our clothes must elevate one’s comfort and never overshadow the guy wearing them. That’s why my collection is about incredibly soft fabrics – a piece of clothing has to feel amazing when you put it on. The colors we choose are subtle and sophisticated – while we want to be seen, we never want to make a scene. The design details are always clean and simple – I like it when there is one detail that makes the item, and not a bunch of details that compete with each other.

To sum it up, we want to create beautiful garments that complement the man, make him feel good about himself and be comfortable in his own skin."

—Robert Barakett

We source the highest quality fabrics

Our mission is to create the best basics you’ll ever own. To be the best we had to think of functionality in the design process, and that starts with the textiles we choose.

With a foundational focus on super soft fabrics, we strive to always give a feeling of ultimate comfort in our clothing.

Experience Expert Craftsmanship

It was important to us to ensure lasting vivid color and garment structure retention, features that are key to making any piece of clothing someone’s go-to favorite. 

We take pride in our factories' superior craftsmanship and attention to excellence, from design to finish. It can be seen and appreciated in every stitching detail.