Men’s Fall Fashion Colors for 2022

Men’s Fall Fashion Colors for 2022

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August 8, 2022

There’s no better season for men’s fashion and the Barakett Tee than fall. As the weather changes around us, so do the colors. Be it nature’s leaves or our clothing, autumn colors are here. While spring is all about pairing our signature T-shirt with shorts or jeans in bright pops of color, fall fashion is subtler with the Barakett Tee serving as a base layer in shades of the outdoors like earth tones and colors of the harvest.   

Man wearing Robert Barakett zip sweatshirt

The Perfect Fall Fashion Colors for Men

For this fall’s collection of Barakett Tee colors, we’ve drawn inspiration from the colors of autumn in shades of three core colors: Red, Green and Brown. 

Nothing says fall like sitting around the hearth with a great glass of wine, and there’s nothing better to wear while sipping wine than the Barakett Tee in vino inspired fall colors like Cabernet, Imperial Purple and Warm Crimson.

Young man wearing Robert Barakett tee in Imperial Purple

While the leaves are changing and falling from trees all around us, they make way for the evergreens to shine throughout the fall and winter. Rich and masculine, Barakett Tees in shades of green like Deep Pine and Pimento Olive are a versatile way to elevate any outfit.

Man wearing Barakett Tee in Pimento Olive

Finally, no fall would be complete without the earth tones that define sophisticated style. Colors like Light Tan, Shitake and Dark Chocolate pair perfectly back to the reds and greens of the fall collection.

Young man wearing Barakett Tee in Light Tan

Discover every color of the Barakett Tee collection today.

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