How To Follow Fall Fashion Trends for Men

How To Follow Fall Fashion Trends for Men

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November 2, 2022

As the calendar turns from October to November, fall is now in full force and it’s time for our wardrobe to embrace the cooler weather. With deep and muted colors and endless opportunities to layer, fall is the perfect time of year to let your personal style shine through. 

Sometimes there are so many new trends and options for how to mix and match fall clothing that it can feel overwhelming, that's why we've put together five fall fashion trends to keep in mind and follow for cozy comfort that looks great.

1. Match The Colors You See Outside

Don’t be afraid of color in fall, it’s actually the perfect time to take the colors you see outside as inspiration for your style. All those oranges, reds, and yellows that you see falling from the trees are perfect for picking out the best fall colors. 

Young man wearing Robert Barakett poloMan wearing Barakett TeeMan wearing Barakett Quarter ZipMan wearing tan Barakett Tee

2. Embrace The Henley

As much as we love the short sleeve henley in the spring and summer, fall is really their season to shine with their long sleeve version. We like to think of them as the t-shirt’s more rugged little brother. Perfect for when the weather is warm enough for a single layer, and versatile enough to be the base layer under a bomber jacket, the henley is a cheat code to sharp style. 

Man wearing long-sleeve Henley from Robert BarakettMan wearing henley from Robert Barakett

3. Consider Texture

Colder weather means you usually need a second layer over your primary one. When you layer don’t be afraid to mix textures like quilted jackets, suede overshirts, or knit sweater jackets. As you layer your textures, you’ll get a more refined and classy fall look. We love this look with the Renoir Suede Shirt Jacket layered over the Barakett Hoodie Tee.

Man in Barakett jacket & tee

4. Invest In A Vest

Vests are having a resurgence and if you don’t have one now is the time to add one to your closet. The key to pulling off a vest is how you layer it, so be sure to bulk up what’s underneath it (opt for a chunky sweater, a heavy flannel, or even a fleece sweatshirt) and then top it off with a vest.

          Man in Robert Barakett VestMan in a zipped Robert Barakett vest

5. Choose The Right Coat

As the weather gets colder and rain turns to snow you’ll want to switch out your lighter transitional jacket for something heavier. Brand new this season, our Selter Quilted Bomber Jacket features a unique quilted pattern and a hood to protect you from anything the elements throw at you. 

Man in a Robert Barakett jacket

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