Designing The Perfect Date Night Outfit

Designing The Perfect Date Night Outfit

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July 5, 2022

Your personality will ultimately land you the next date, but your look will be making the first impression. Different date activities or contexts call for different styles. Whether it’s your first date or your fifth anniversary, whether you are going to hang out casually or going to a fine-dining restaurant, it is important to follow certain basic outfit rules to look the part. Below are some guidelines to help you nail the appropriate attire for giving you confidence and looking your best in any situation.

Dancing the Night Away at the Club

For a night out at a dance club, we recommend our signature Barakett Tee, a pair of jeans, and crisp, clean sneakers. Heading behind the velvet rope to a more exclusive section? Layer a blazer over the tee and consider swapping your sneakers for a casual dress shoe for a more elevated look. 

Young man in smart-casual Robert Barakett date night outfit

Grabbing a Drink at a Local Bar

Bars or pubs tend to have very laid-back atmospheres. Therefore, you do not want to overdo the look for fear of looking like you’re trying too hard. For this type of setting, consider wearing a pair of chinos with a Barakett Tee or Barakett High Crew. If it’s chilly out, consider adding a layer like the Barakett Baseball Jacket or Renoir Suede Jacket that will not only keep you warm but step up your cool factor.

Bearded man in casual Robert Barakett date night outfit

Heading Out for a Nice Dinner

If you are going out for a romantic dinner, opt for a smart casual outfit to stay on the safe side. Do this by mixing formal and informal items. For instance, matching a pair of straight-leg chinos with a knit button-up shirt or long sleeve polo will make you look smart yet casual. 

Wearing a pair of dark blue or black jeans with clean sneakers is also an option. If you are going fine dining, you definitely need to spruce up your attire. Layer a well-fitting blazer or a sportcoat over a long sleeve Barakett Essential to stay classy.

Catching a Movie

It is more than common to go to the movies after dinner. If that’s the case, refer to the section above. If the movie theatre is the starting point of the date, you need to put in a little effort even though the movies can seem very casual. For instance, you can try wearing a Barakett Long Sleeve Polo that is both comfortable and smart enough for date night.

Enjoying a Day of Day Drinking

Sunday Funday is the perfect opportunity to go on a date and get to know the other person over drinks. However, do not let your standards slip. Funday is not an excuse to dress down too much. In this scenario, the key is to look effortless. Wear your favorite pair of classic dark jeans paired with your favorite Barakett Essential for an elevated casual look.

Young man in white Barakett Tee and jeans

Planning an Activity Date

Going out for a walk or attending an exhibition does require a casual look without looking overdone. You may still sport a pair of gray tailored trousers but try combining it with a short sleeve or long sleeve Barakett Henley in blue or black. 

There you have it. You are ready for any and every kind of date night that might come your way. Remember, confidence is key and that is also true about the clothes you choose to put on.

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