Add versatility and style to your wardrobe with premium Tees

A comfortable great-fitting T-shirt is a foundational component of pretty much every man's wardrobe. So when it comes to our favorite Tees, it’s proven that most guys will tell you the more the merrier.

The great thing about T-shirts is that they’re probably the most versatile and easily worn piece of clothing that any man can own. This is what Montreal-based designer Robert Barakett discovered when he incorporated a premium T-shirt to his high-end sportswear line 12 years ago which quickly became the best-selling core item of his collection.

“After a few years in the business I realized that guys gravitate toward their favorite items. They’ll have their favorite polo, sports shirt, favorite whatever, and if they find something that they like and that they’re comfortable with and you offer it in many colors they’ll buy it in several colors. It makes their shopping easy and decisions on what to wear in the morning easy.”

So, Barakett’s goal early on was to find the “perfect T-shirt fabric that had to feel nice, that was not too sheer not too heavy and had to have great performance, being able to withstand multiple washes and still look good.” There’s a fair amount of performance testing for something as simple as a T-shirt, he explained. “We tested a lot of fabrics to find the right one at the right price and performance.”

The end result became known as the signature Barakett T with its unique ultra-soft, extra-fine Pima cotton, luxurious hand feel and clean appearance in up to 20 colors per season, which has helped it develop a very loyal following for men looking for premium style and comfort for their Tees.


In the mid-2000s Nordstrom came on board as the main distributor of the T-shirt and it became an instant success and continues to be the top-selling item in the Robert Barakett collection to this day.

What makes these Tees so popular with men of different ages?

According to the designer it’s all about the subdued understandable color palette that appeals to the eye of a lot of people coupled with its unique ultra-luxurious feel. “From afar the customer sees something that appeals to him and he comes up to the display and touches it and when you feel that fabric it’s very unique. Anyone who is going to touch that fabric is going to say that it feels fantastic.”

Then when you wear it the comfort and what he calls “well researched fit”, with the little tricks of how they do their patterns, helps make a lot of body types look good. “You wear it a couple of times it doesn’t take long before it becomes your favorite T-shirt. Over the years I’ve heard this so many times that guys like it so much they’ll buy it in most of all of the colors of the season and every year they’ll replenish their wardrobe with these Tees. We’ve had a pretty broad loyal following for the past decades.”

It's the kind of premium T-shirt that you could wear easily with a suit—but has the versatility to feel and look even better with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of beat up jeans.


Every man should at least own the basics when it comes to premium T-shirts. Classic solid white, grey, black and navy colors work best to team with a host of looks for a variety of occasions. With the versatility to wear them on their own, or layer them up for a contemporary fall look – no matter what the weather, the premium T-shirt is here to stay.