Fridays generally mark a break from a long week and heavy workloads. However, not everyone has the time to completely change from their office or business ensemble before heading for drinks with friends or going out for a romantic dinner with their significant other.

Luckily, hurrying up does not have to tax your style. For that day, you simply have to pick an outfit that is versatile enough for both the boardroom and the follow-up venue. The trick is to swap a few interchangeable items such as blazers, chinos and leather sneakers to reflect a completely new attitude.

How to swap styles from corporate to effortlessly cool

Such a transition requires having interchangeable and versatile items in your wardrobe. Following are some ideas to help you swap certain garments to seamlessly transition from business to edgy and ready for the night.

Using a blazer

Blazers are essential pieces to make a man look smart and casual at the same time. Its cut highlights the male frame in a positive manner. The blazer can be used both during the day and when the night falls. So, if you are considering going out right after work, why not sport a navy blazer? During the daytime, pair it up with one of our classic polo shirts, dark cotton chinos and black dress shoes. Oncethe evening creeps in, you can simply swap the chinos and the dress shoes for a grey denim pant and leather sneakers. You may also swap the polo for a white Barakett T in your choice of crew neck or V-neck styles.

Making maximum use of a charcoal suit

The key piece in this swap method is using a charcoal suit both for daytime and nighttime. At the office during the day, combine the suit with a grey John Smith polo and dark leather sneakers to give the smart casual look while maintaining the businessaura. Once you decide to leave the office, change up your sneakers with Oxfords with no show socks. Next, swap the polo for the polish and comfort of our navy knit Colby sport shirt. You may add a black tie and a white cotton pocket square to add an extraflair to your look.

Wearing black

Black is the color that can be used both at the office and in the evening when hanging out. Black pieces of clothing are the easiest option to wear whenever. Whether it’s adding a black zip-up hoodie or wearing our black Barakett T, you’ll have no trouble at all going from day to night.

Ripped jeans and chains do not work for everyone

Some of you may be tempted to pair ripped or exaggeratedly bleached jeans and many accessories with smart garment pieces to boastan edgy look once out of office. However, this approach isn’t recommended as it can make the look feel awkward and incohesive. Remember, less is more. Over accessorizing or loud designs can repel. A simplistic approach such as adding a subtle watch and undoing your button-down shirt may be enough to give off that desired quiet confidence.