It’s early in the morning. Just as the aroma of coffee reaches your nose, you finish buttoning your shirt. The cotton fabric gently skims across your skin. Hair is just right, tie is perfectly knotted, shoes are shining. You’re ready to face another busy day at work.

As you’re getting off your motorcycle, coworkers wave at you from across the office. You know they’re counting on you. The client will be here soon. You’re ready to make an impression. Months of hard work paid off and today is the day everything comes together.

It’s the end of the day. Everything went perfectly; another big deal closed. You’re ready to go celebrate. The cityscape watches over the restaurant as you’re sitting comfortably in your seat, shirt still perfectly fitted. The city comes to life for the night as you and your co-workers have a toast with champagne glasses. Confidence paid off yet again.